The Road To Massachusetts

My name is Lori McKenna. I am a housewife and a townie. I am a songwriter – or song chaser depending on the day. A song can be a tricky thing – no matter how simple it is. And most songs have a tendency to haunt me. But I believe that blessings come in disguise and that demons do too. And that, if we work it out right, our demons can be our blessings. The short version of the long story is that music has provided me with some of the most important and meaningful relationships in my life. I wanted to make a record with some of those people who have been part of my musical life since it’s very beginning. It was time to make a record in the community of musicians that gave me the opportunity to learn who I am as a songwriter. There is the darkness and there is the light: I am drawn to sad songs. I want to make you feel something. I don’t necessarily want you to see it coming. I’d like the feeling to surprise you. I think those moments make us feel alive. Make us feel human. Everybody has a sad song in their lives. We all have reasons to sit at kitchen tables under the buzz of that light above the sink. We all have a patch of floor for pacing. We all holdonto something we should let go. Everybody has a story and every story should have a song. When we made MASSACHUSETTS we picked 13 songs that reflect the darkness and light of an average life. If Massachusetts were a book and the songs were chapters, then together they would tell the story of a life. It’s not all my life. But some of it may be yours. Or someone you know. Or someone you bought coffee from, or sat next to on the bus one day.